Top MessagePresident and CEO 
Katsu Yamamoto

MMC RYOTEC CORPORATION (then OTE Kosan CO., Ltd.) was established in 1958 as a group company of the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (then Mitsubishi Metal Mining CO., Ltd.).

MMC RYOTEC had been a cemented carbide tools manufacturer for a long time. In the year of 2000, development and manufacturing departments of wear resistant tools and rock tools were transferred from Mitsubishi Materials Corporation to our company. Since then, we have cultivated technologies of developing carbide materials and ideas of tools design.

Now, MMC RYOTEC have been highly evaluated as an excellent manufacturer of high-quality engineered carbide products, not only in Japan but also around the world such as carbide rolls for hot rolling in steel production, slot dies for thin-precision coating of lithium-ion secondary batteries for electric vehicles, rock tools for mining & construction and carbide materials for various cutting tools.

We will continue providing the best solution to meet customer’s needs by communicating with users closely and we aim to become the respected major supplier in each infrastructure industry in the global market by providing unique materials, products and services which satisfy our customers’ needs. Our mission is to exceed your expectations.