Wear Resistant Tools

Coating tools Slot Die

We have been developing and manufacturing our coating tools "Slot Die" since the 1980s which have been used in precision coating processes in a variety of fields such as liquid crystal panels, high-functional films and lithium-ion batteries, etc.

The lip adopts originally developed micro-fine tungsten carbide. Strictly controlled work environment enables high-precision products with superior machining technology.

Coating tools Slot Die


Various applications such as…

  • ・Lithium-ion battery
  • ・OELD
  • ・MLCC
  • ・Capacitor
  • ・Functional films
  • ・Thin film solar cells / Organic solar cells
  • ・Fuel cells
  • ・LCD
  • ・Optical films
Photovoltaic / Secondary battery / Fuel cells

Slot Die coating type

  • Slot Die / Manifold / filmsRoll to roll
  • SubstrateGlass coating

Product features

We can customize the Slot Die
according to customer's coating conditions.

Tungsten carbide lips

The combination of stainless steel alloy body with excellent corrosion-resistance and micro-fine tungsten carbide with excellent wear-resistance, enables long life and excellent quality coating.

Tungsten carbide lips

Lip grade

Micro-fine Tungsten carbide "TF15"

A micro-fine tungsten carbide has well-balanced hardness and toughness.
Sharp edge and high strengthness can be achieved.

Micro-fine Tungsten carbide "TF15"
Position of tungsten carbide
Positin of tungsten carbide


The manifold shape has a great effect on the performance of Slot Die.
We can offer the optimum manifold shape by our fluid analysis simulation and knowledge cultivated over the years.

Fluid Analysis

By our fluid analysis simulation, we can optimize the manifold shape and propose the best coating conditions.
Viscosity, density, and flow rate of the coating liquid are required for the fluid analysis.

  • Inner pressureInner pressure
  • StreamlineStreamline

Excellent Machining Technology

A high-precision Slot Die is manufactured
by superfine machining technology.

Excellent Grinding Technology

Tungsten carbide lips

We offer tungsten carbide lip Slot Dies to meet customer's high requirement besides ordinary stainless steel Slot Dies.

  • Tungsten carbide lipsTungsten carbide lips
  • High-precision finish grindingHigh-precision finish grinding
  • ・Highly accurate coating lip below 2μm/m straightness
  • ・Tungsten carbide lip without burrs
  • ・Super-precision surface roughness by our original grinding technology
Comparison of surface roughness
Carbide lip Stainless steel lip
Rz 0.1 μm or less Rz 0.2 μm or less
  • ・Straightness of surface of the lip : 1 μm is available
  • ・Both of tungsten carbide and stainless steel lip are available
Inner Surface

The surface roughness and straightness of the inner surface have a great influence on the uniformity.

  • ・Superior surface roughness is achieved by our original grinding technology
  • ・Inner surface straightness: 1 μm is available
  • ・Surface roughness: Rz 0.2 μm or less
  • ・Customized design by fluid analysis is also available
  • Inner surfaceInner surface
  • Mirror finished innner surfaceMirror finished innner surface

Long and precise products

We can manufacture up to 3800mm length which enables highly efficient and productive coating.

Pattern Coating

Intermittent coating and striped coating is also available.

Pattern Coating

Various materials are available

In addition to tungsten carbide and stainless steel, we can also manufacture with corrosion-resistant alloy such as titanium alloy according to customer's request.

Coating Thickness Adjustment Systems

We can offer to adopt a coating thickness adjustment system to meet the customer's request.

Bolt adjustment

  • ・Bolt type allows precise adjustment
  • ・Able to widen or narrow the slit width
  • ・Wide adjustment range and high versatility

Hydraulic Adjustment System (Digi PRESS)

  • ・Accurate quantitative control is possible
  • ・High restorability
  • ・Easy-to-read digital hydraulic control display
  • ・Adjustable at any position in the groove
Hydraulic Adjustment System (Digi PRESS)

Movable Adjustment System (Libero Adjuster)

  • ・Accurate quantitative control is possible
  • ・Adjustable at any position in the groove
  • ・Able to replace Digi PRESS with Libero Adjuster
  • ・No power supply is required and very compact design
Movable Adjustment System (Libero Adjuster)

Flow Rate Adjustment System (T-Bar)

  • ・Accurate quantitative control is available
  • ・Electrification is available with an actuator
  • ・Fine-adjusting is available compared to a conventional Choke bar type
  • ・Secure an upper work space while coating
Flow Rate Adjustment System (T-Bar)

Rental Service

We offer a rental service so you can evaluate the excellent performance of our products.

Several types are available for rent so you can check the performance of our slot dies.
You can choose the slot die according to the customer's purpose and coating conditions.

Rental Service

700mm length
Bolt adjustment system

  • ・Main Application: Lithium-ion battery
  • ・Shim thickness: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5mm

700mm length

  • ・Main Application: Lithium-ion battery
  • ・Shim thickness: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5mm

700mm length
Libero adjuster

  • ・Main Application: Lithium-ion battery
  • ・Shim thickness: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5mm

750mm length

  • ・Main Application: Lithium-ion battery
  • ・Shim thickness: 0.15, 0.3, 0.8, 1.0mm

400mm length
No adjustment system

  • ・Main Applications: Various films, MLCC and lithium-ion battery
  • ・Shim thickness: 0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2mm

370mm length
Bolt adjustment system

  • ・Main Applications: Various films, MLCC and lithium-ion battery
  • ・Shim thickness: 0.03, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0mm

Coating test

We carry out coating tests
according to the customer's coating conditions.

We have a glass-coating test coater which enables coating tests.

We carry out coating tests according to the customer's coating conditions, when you want to…

  • ・test the customer's coating liquid
  • ・carry out a comparative test with multiple die shapes
  • ・test our coating thickness adjustment systems
Coating test
  • For coating low-viscocity liquid(with bolt adjustment system)For coating low-viscocity liquid
    (with bolt adjustment system)
  • Lip Cartridge typeLip Cartridge type
Item Detail
Coating type Glass coating
Coating width 〜368mm
Coating speed 10〜100mm/s
Substrate size (Width × Length)
300mm × 400mm
370mm × 470mm
400mm × 500mm
Installed pomp for low viscosity: Electric RT pomp
for high viscosity: Mohno pomp
Liquid viscosity maximum 40,000cps
Coating thickness measurement Displacement sensor (for both wet & dry)
Environment Air cleanliness class: 50,000~60,000


We propose the optimal shape of Slot Die
for the customer's requirement
by using our analysis technology.

Fluid Analysis

The fluid analysis simulates the inner pressure of the manifold and deviation of the coating thickness, and the manifold shape can be optimized based on these results.

  • Inner pressureInner pressure
  • StreamlineStreamline

Slot Coating Bead Analysis

We can simulate the coating bead between the lip edge and the substrate in 2 & 3 dimensionally, and check the variation of the coating thickness in the feed direction and any coating defects.

Structural analysis

Based on the results of the inner pressure from fluid analysis, we can simulate the deformation of the slot die.


The following data are required for analysis. Please contact our sales department for more information.

  1. Slot die shape (drawings, dimensional data, etc.)
  2. Fluid density
  3. Type of viscosity (Newtonian fluid or non-Newtonian fluid)
  4. Fluid viscosity (Viscosity of each shear rate in case of Non-Newtonian Fluids)
  5. Flow rate
  6. Coating width
  7. Wet film thickness before drying
  8. Coating speed
  9. Discharge direction


Q.What are the advantages of using tungsten carbide lips?

A. The advantages are high precision coating due to “sharp edge” and “long life” of the tungsten carbide itself. “Sharp edge” enables high-precision coating due to forming a uniform coating bead in the feed direction. Tungsten carbide lips are superior to impact-resistance and wear-resistance, which is possible to extend the life of the slot die.

Q.What should I do if the slot die lip is damaged?

A. We can re-grind the slot dies for a fee if it was manufactured by us.
If it adopts tungsten carbide lip, replacing tungsten carbide lip is also available.
Please feel free to consult with us from the “Contact us (Inquiry)” in the “Menu” button.

Q.What are the guarantee conditions?

A. We guarantee the accuracy of our drawings. We always manufacture and make our best to ensure our quality, but please contact our salesperson if any problem occurs. We will have a survey as needed and report the results to our customers.

Q.What is a coating thickness adjustment system?

A. It is a mechanism for finely adjusting the coating thickness. There is a “slit width adjustment system” which temporarily deforms the edge to finely adjust the flow rate, and “flow rate adjustment system” which changes the slit width itself. Click “Coating thickness adjustment systems” in the “Menu” button for more details. You will find some movies about it.

Q.What should I do to request testing the coating thickness adjustment system?

A. Please find more details from "Rental service" and "Test coating" in the “Menu” button. For a request, please push the “Contact us (Inquiry)” button.

Q.May I consult with you if I want to evaluate the performance of MMC RYOTEC’s slot die before purchasing?

A. Yes, of course. Please find more details from "Rental service" and "Test coating" in the “Menu” button. For a request, please push the “Contact us (Inquiry)” button.