Wear Resistant Tools

Cutting Tools Rotary Die

The contour cutting tool, rotary die cutter, is essential to the manufacturing of bandages and disposable diapers, used for the hygiene and medical fields.
This cutter has the unique technology to prolong the service life of blade edges. Also, further accuracy can be obtained by using the cutter with a high-accuracy and high rigidity unit. In addition, it has also been adopted to cut the electrode plate of the battery industry.

Cutting Tools Rotary Die

Various products are used

  • 紙おむつPaper diapers
  • サニタリー製品Sanitary
  • バンソウコウAdhesive
  • 各種ラベルlabels
  • 二次電池Rechargeable
  • 燃料電池Fuel cell

Long life and high quality cutting

A combination of wear-resistant carbide (die cutter) and impact resistant carbide (anvil roll) delivers high quality cutting while maintaining durability and longevity.

Long life and high quality cutting

MMC RYOTEC produces a high quality and reliable cutting edge by using CAM process simulation and top-tier grinding technology.

  • CAM simulationCAM simulation
  • Detail of cutting edgeDetail of cutting edge

High rigidity die station

The high rigidity unit is designed using CAE simulation. It delivers a stable cutting process and reproducibility at the time of the tool change over.

CAE analysis results
High rigidity die station

High efficiency and high value performance

Our rotary die cutter can speed-up your cutting line versus a die and punch process.
While a carbide cutter has higher initial cost than a steel cutter, the overall running cost of carbide is one-third the cost of steel due to the longer tool life.

Compare with steel cutter
High efficiency and high value performance
High efficiency and high value performance